Black Holes And White Rabbits


Black Holes And White Rabbits

She was lost down a black hole
ringed by a dozen white rabbits
dancing the Macarena.
Well, they say she fell.

I saw those white paws
beckon her closer,
drawing her in
to dance and play.
Every second rosy eye
ticked a poacher’s wink.

Twelve furry bottoms wiggled.
Twelve snowball tails all bobbed.
Twenty-four ears a-twitching.
Forty-eight lucky feet
beat out their rhythmic joy.
Infinite glittery whiskers.

The music never stopped
even when she was gone
down that blackest, black hole.
They Macarena-ed right on.

Of course, they say
she fell. But I saw
those stabby white paws.
Not so lucky then, for her.



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6 responses to “Black Holes And White Rabbits

  1. Ah, it’s all to do with the Macarena … I love this :)

  2. Temptation– fast & interesting read…

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