Definition Of Loneliness


Definition Of Loneliness

She’ll gargle with laughter on Monday mornings
and try to remember not to spit in the office

when they’re spraying out their weekend tales
on coffee breath and bagged greening eyes.
Someone had a wedding anniversary.
Someone else had a mini break
in a cottage on the south coast.
Someone’s doting boyfriend took her
to London to see a West End show.

She’ll giggle and snigger at weak innuendos.
Go “Oooh” and “Aaah” at expenses unspared.
In quick with questions: “What did you wear?”
“How was the food?” “Did he really say that!”
“Ah, bless – we’ll hear wedding bells soon!”

She’s getting quite the expert:
mistress of covert distraction tactics.
Wind them up and watch them go.
Clockwork toys. Jaws chattering
too fast to think or listen or ask.

She’ll gargle up laughter these Monday mornings
and mostly remember not to spit in the office.
Safe for another week that no one asks her
a single question. Reprieved
from her temptation to lie.


23 responses to “Definition Of Loneliness

  1. This is fabulous Holly! So sad and “feelable”! (cant think of the correct word to describe it!!) I actually remember a point in my life way back when I felt this way. One of your best in my opinion. 😊 x

  2. David Eric Cummins

    Excellent. Sounds like me when I get to work Mondays. All the guys talking about the (American)football games and their various drinking exploits while I stand there pretending to be interested. No point in telling them about how I spent the weekend watching (English)football- which they know nothing about- and doing laundry, lol.

  3. Very good one Holly. Nicely done.

  4. Brought me back to days at work, listening to everyone planning college tours with their kids or vacations. Hearing how well life as going…honor roll, school play lead..blah, blah..
    In my head I would say “my son didn’t hurt anyone today.” or “my daughters probation ends soon”.
    Sometimes I even said them out loud.

  5. Awesome word play and very “relatable”, Holly! :)


    Comes in many

    Sometimes silence
    Says much more than
    A stream of words

    Then again
    Sometimes it’s
    The other way round

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