Stroll – for the new month


First of the month.
Pinch ‘n’ a punch!
White rabbits!

Yank on those bootstraps
and bloody get on with it.

March. March. March.

My bootstraps snapped
back in January.
My laces swell-locked.
I was waterlogged.
Weighting to drown.

I bludged through February
in fearful floods, knived grit
wretching every tread.

Had to cut myself free.

It’s still chilly. Will be
for quite some miles I’m sure.

I stretch my toes, sock them
and nestle in pink trainers
for bounce. Not quite
sandals weather yet.

But I bare my neck,
scarf tongue-flicking the wind.
The plucky sun: it’s trying.

A long way to go.
There’s no hurry.
Now I will stroll.


7 responses to “Stroll – for the new month

  1. A targeted scatter shot* with a side order of whimsy. Tip the waiter.


  2. Strolling! Lets hope we’re not trudging through something white – there’s still time!! Great poem Holly x

  3. The wordplay is a delight to read in this poetic escapade – very well done.

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