Spinning A Litter (Blancmange)

Spinning A Litter

In her steam-licky kitchen
old melted sugar ghosts
the windows opaque.
She wants a fresh batch.

She boils them up; saucepan
conception, bubble-jumps
in milk and gelatine to build
them plump and lush.

Six pink blancmange rabbits,
a litter, formed in 1970s
aluminium jelly moulds;
a find in Oxfam.

Each mould releases
with a suck.
For once not one
of her quivering babes
collapses at birth.

She feels like Dr Doolittle
or Frankenstein
of puddings.

She plates them, hands
like a veterinary nurse.
Puffs with icing sugar,
her fairy dust.

to ears and bobble-pop tails.
Perhaps a liquorice eye
for a whisker of a wink.

A drizzle of red sauce
at selected necks.

At nightfall, she sets them
to spin, each plate precisely
by her talented fingers.

A suburban circus framed
in her front bay window.
Rabbits to spin themselves
dizzy ‘til daylight
on half cracked sticks
of candy cane.

No animals are harmed.

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11 responses to “Spinning A Litter (Blancmange)

  1. Not sure Mary Berry could help with this one Holly ;)

  2. Sounds delicious! Yummy!

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