The Paper Man

The Paper Man

He’d thought her an open book,
there to be grubby-thumbed,
spread wide and devoured
before discarding,
drink-sodden and used.

The optimum specimen
from a formula
tried and tested
to perfection.

His girls, he likes them with
high heels and low self esteem.
He finds it works best that way.
At a pinch he’ll sacrifice
the former,
the latter being essential.

He thought, that first night,
she was just his cup of tea.
Her bit-lip smile
all his favourite insecurities;
a squeamish self-loathing,
her need to people-please.

Easy escapism. Nothing
too challenging.
A quick-fix

Yet this one was deceptive:
irrespective of her quavering
she viewed him clearly,
she sussed him out.

Twists the snappable
stem of her glass.
Cool eyes undilated.
She’ll cut him like paper.
Turn him to pulp.

12 responses to “The Paper Man

  1. This. Was. Awesome. I love your work.

  2. Such a beautiful plot twist. I love it!

  3. Oh, I love this…cut him like paper!

  4. How things can change in an instant. Good one.

  5. Ooh I really really love this Holly. 😊

  6. Holly, you have raised the bar for us all! You are on fire!

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