The Thing She Forgets (Corrosion)


She knows she’ll explode with the sheer
loathing she has for these people, these sad,
unenlightened people, who do not dare
to express themselves, who deny
and zip and repress themselves,
with all the words they tie their mouths
shut with, to all the lies and platitudes
they sweat, their pretend bonhomie
and make-believe self belief.

And maybe then she’ll remember
to breathe.

Why can’t they be real and spill
all their embittered bile and hurts
and fucked up gut-feelings?
Spit it free like rotten teeth.
Splatter it up the wall like
human graffiti.
Why do they keep it from her?
Why do they not blend their blood,
their tears, their unrequiteds and fail
together? She doesn’t want
to fail alone…

She hates them. She hates them.
She hates them for being not like her.
She hates them for seeming happy.
She hates them because
they keep it back,
they won’t share.
They’re so unfair.
She hates them because
it’s the one thing she knows how to do.

And she never forgets it.
Unlike the breathing.

10 responses to “The Thing She Forgets (Corrosion)

  1. Brilliant cascade of bile belching like a volcano Hollyanne! Loud with animated language while containing whispers of narcissism or maybe aloofness. Great poem, well done.

  2. Brilliant! Last two lines, perfect! In my humble opinion 😊

  3. The last four lines say it all. I’ve had so many clients like her… You painted her so well! :)

  4. I worked with her for a few years! Spot on.

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